The Magic HTML Browser 1994/5

HTML1 Documents : Authoring & Displaying

Following ‘Paris’, a new version of the HTML Document Browser was built using the pure OOPL ‘Eiffel’. The executable was small (at < 200Kbytes), with a simple .ini file for a rich list of user customisation; with a new History feature; and with a facility to embed the document in the .exe file e.g. so that a single file could be shipped with content protected from alteration. The Magic Browser was employed in a variety of projects including for the UK Wine & Spirit Education Trust and a major project for the Asian Development Bank/Government of Pakistan (‘The CLCV Project Browser’].

The sequence of version development is listed here.

A version was developed for a Solicitor – where a Legal Document could be distributed as embedded within the Magic Browser executable – and named e.g. SensitiveDocument XYZ.exe – and where the document could be read but the reader had no access to the original which original they could not change etc.