Evolutionary Series : Media Language 1991

Following the major IBM Project, 1990 which produced the GPE, a number of issues had arisen requiring to be addressed including: a better programming language than C++ supportive of correct software engineering (EIFFEL was discovered and employed); a mechanism providing for non-programmers to create applications; an extension of the GPE concept of 'rectangles' to the notion of (information) 'chunking' (where each element identified in a domain was carefully named, listed in an Index - from which it could be selected and linked to a ‘Chunk’ including a definition - in text, images etc); thus - information modelling encouraging domain/subject experts to structure information in terms of formal naming of fundamental elements (and indexes) and where complex subjects/domains are abstracted into a minimal set of high level constructs - employing a custom 'network editor' to construct logical hierarchical graphs: essentially browsable. Two instantiations of Media Language were evolved in a aries of projects with a range of end users in a variety of domains. The GPE modelling - focused on Rectangles; Media Language modelling – focused on Chunks.

Media Language Projects

The first Media Language project was ‘STILE’; the second was Media Language Tutorial; the third was ‘VPH’; the fourth was ‘Leeds: The Intelligent City’ and thereafter, others not illustrated here.

The “STILE Browser” shown here was the first application created for the Department of Textile Industries at the University of Leeds - which immediately recognised the potential of interactive multimedia for modelling domains and delivering interactive multimedia. One of the screenshots shows a phase of an animated Weaving Simulation conveying the essential meaning of “warp’ and ‘weft’.

The STILE Home Page - with the Welcome Chunk placed in the History Strip on the right.

The STILE Browsable Index - every element in the Textiles Domain named is allocated to the Index and a Chunk generated by Media Language to be marked up with content (text, graphic, animation etc).

The STILE Textiles Domain Browser - an expert defined Schema/Map of the Domain - created with a small simple network editor (NED).

The STILE Information Chunk: Denim.

The STILE Chunk: Weaving including a Weaving Animation showing the Warp and the Weft - with a series if previously displayed Chunks placed in the History Strip on the right.

The STILE Chunk: Loom Animation - with the History Strip on the right.

The Media Language Tutorial - Home Page.

The Media Language in Context: a set of Chunk Buttons

The Big Ideas Browser - with previously displayed chunks in the History Strip.

The VPH Browser Home Page

The VPH Index Browser - with previously displayed chunks in the History Strip.

The Leeds Intelligent City Browser

The Leeds Intelligent City Browsable Index